Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Number 8

When we first started this adventure, we read many a book on innkeeping.  I still remember flying to a family wedding with our books to read.  Quite interesting and some very funny!  I had to reflect on those books today while I thought about "like #8. One book had a statement, that a great aspect of innkeeping was having a whole new audience for you spouse, partner or helper to tell his or her stories to.  Well Robert was back from his Father/Daughter weekend in Chicago last night.  Those of you who have stayed with us know how I affectionaly call him the entertainment. I always recall that section in the book about "those old stories always being new to your guests".  Nice to have my entertainer home, innkeeping is always more fun (at least for us) when you share it.  So that is it for number 8.

Until tomorrow, Anna

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