Monday, August 27, 2012

Anna's Top Ten Likes about Innkeeping

Yesterday I thought I would do a daily blog with my favorite "Top Ten" likes about innkeeping.  Now since I didn't get it on the "blog" I will put that post here, before I do #9.  Not sure where this will go as I know what # 1 will be but the rest will just have to happen.  So for those of you who didn't see #10 on my Facebook post here it is.  Number 10, never meeting a stranger. Must be all those years as a military spouse. You just learn to adapt and make everyone feel at home and welcome. The best feeling is having a stranger come into your life and leaving a friend. It takes so little time time to be kind!

Today in thinking what should be #9, I had only to look as far as the breakfast room.  As our two couples chatted away, I realized what a wonderful experience we offer to people.  Guests, especially those for whom this is a first time at a B&B often wonder what to expect as they enter "our home".  It take them very little time to relax and just enjoy the company of others over breakfast and coffee.  Regardless how different their backgrounds or ages, they just truly relax and enjoy each others company sharing stories and experiences.  Sometimes it is hard to get them moving in the morning, but what does a extra pot or two of coffee cost.  Very little compared with the gift of friendship we innkeepers give our guests even if just for a day or two.  Here in Illinois, Bed and Breakfasts are truly and Exceptional Way to Stay!

Until tomorrow, Anna

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