Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It is an amazing time we live in.  I have to wonder what innkeeping was like just a few years ago.  I think about all the changes that have come  about with "social media".  How did people keep in contact with so many people daily with such ease?  What was innkeeping like?  Your guests came, stayed and left. Did you ever hear from them again unless they rebooked? Now with social media we are always in touch with our guests, sharing in their daily lives, their highs and lows.  We have met so many wonerful people who we have shared so much with.  I remember a recent guest whose first question was, "has your Granddaughter arrived yet, I've been reading your blog!"  Now how sweet was that?  Then their is our guests and now dear friends with a very special son who for the first time in his nearly ten year was able to say "Daddy".  Sharing such joy is really a special part of innkeeping and one I will always cherish.  So today my #7, is truly you, all my guests who bring great joy to my daily life.  Thank you all, there are way too many of you to name.

Until next, Anna

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