Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What a June!

This has been quite a month. First for those of you who follow my blog - Lila Claire Bordenave was born on June 14th at 12:20am in Bakersfield, Calofirnia. Mom, Dad, Jack and Lila are all great. Needless to say we are over joyed and anxious to meet her in person.

We have had quite a busy month considering I spent a long weekend in Chicago with our Daughter celebrating my birthday. We have had guests from all over the map including Co Kildare, Ireland. A lovely young couple on a three week honeymoon. Another couple from Fort Collins,CO whose son plays for the Frontier League Baseball team from Normal, Il (beat us two of three here in Marion, IL). Great returning guests from Chicago, IL (great seeing you again Pharyl and Neverna). A whole lot of people from Indiana and just too many place to mention. Families celebrating birthdays and just being together. Such fun being part of the fun (not to mention the delicious prime rib). Needless to say this has been a fun and busy month. A bit tired but the reward will be soon - a few days in California with Jack and Lila! Until next time, Anna

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