Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Can it really be April already!

Goodness times moves along when you are having fun.  It has been a busy season for us already and April is really filling up fast.  Much has to do with the fantastic weather we have been having here in Southern Illinois.  Many of your guests have been here to bike the Tunnel Hill Bike Trail, hike the State and National Parks like Garden of the Gods and of course take in some wine tasting along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail or the Southern Illinois Wine Trail.

We of course have been busy with outside work.  After the mild winter, gardening has been a challenge.  We had weeds this year I have never seen before! They were everywhere.  Hopefully we have them under control and the four dump truck loads of mulch we spread will keep them at bay.  Lots of color in the lower garden with azaleas, iris and snowball bushes not to mention the beautiful shades of green on the trees.  Never fails to amaze me the greens of spring.  Now we are waiting on the opening of the pool.  Before you get too excited, let me explain.  Opening just means taking the cover off, cleaning the winter gunk out of the bottom and then working to clean the water and get the chemicals in balance.  It does not mean "last one in is a rotten egg"  or whatever your favorite pool saying might be.  Of course if you swim in that kind of water, you are most welcome to partake!!

Guests had a great time last week fishing in the pond.  Five good size bass went back to Breeze, IL and were most likely enjoyed that evening.  I have a promise of a return trip and possible fish fry.  We will keep you to that David.

So if your looking for a pleasant hide-away and need a break from your everyday life check out our website or give us a call at 618 996-2237

Until next time,  Anna

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