Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring is on the way, hopefully!

Well the carpeting went well and after some trial and error we have the place back together. Our original plans didn't quite work but we are happy with the results. Had at first wanted to make the main floor common area the new breakfast room but it just didn't look right. Now the furniture from there really didn't look good in the room where we had our dining room furniture off the kitchen. Oh yes, Robert just loved moving this stuff around multiple times. So our private dining room furniture went into the real dining room which was the breakfast room for guests, are you following this. We kept the common room as it it was and the lovely bright former sun room that was our private dining room became the new breakfast room. So far all our guest have enjoyed the extra room. They love the view of the gardens and pool area and the light is fantastic in the morning. They do get to watch me in the kitchen getting breakfast but that is kind of fun. We are one big happy family now. Really it has worked out great so far.

The weather here in Southern Illinois is slowly improving. Guests have been enjoying the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail and the Southern Illinois Wine Trail as well as the Tunnel Hill Bike Trail. A few have even ventured on to the parks like Garden of the Gods and Giant City State Park. March is looking pretty good but still have openings if your looking for a spring trip, come see us. 

Again come check out our new breakfast room and keep me company while I prepare  your Nut
Encrusted French Toast.  Until next time (I'll try not to be so long in getting another blog done), Anna

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