Thursday, January 12, 2012

We're getting there!

We have had the wallpaper on the staircase replaced and repaired.  The main entrance, dining room, staircase and landings have been stripped of carpet.  Let me tell you doing those stair was no easy job.  Wrapped stairs all twenty- five of them are now carpet free.  So many little bits of carpet to go around all those spindles, two per step and of course all the spindles on both landings.  Whew, what a job removing it all.  Of course the real mess is the furniture we had to more from our two rooms as we are also getting new carpet in our private quarters.  Now you can see why we are closed for the month of January.  Excited to see how our planned room changes will look.  Old dining room will become our private dining area, our private dining area will become a new common area and the common area with fireplace will be our new breakfast room.  Our worst fear is we will get all the changes made and not like it.  Hopefully it will look as good as we think.  Not sure how many times I can get my fellow innkeeper to move all this furniture.  Hope everyone had a great holiday and a joyous New Year.  Look forward to seeing you in the coming months.   Remember February is the month of love and romance.  Think  champagne bubbler air tubs and fireplaces! Take care, Anna

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