Saturday, August 27, 2011

Robert is a fantastic Stripper!!

Now before you get too excited I should have been a bit more specific on that title. Stripper can mean more than what most of you are thinking about right now. So many of our guest ask us how we keep up the house and 98 acres.  Well some days it is a real chore to get it all done.  Actually if it wasn't for my assistant aka "Robert the Stripper" I don't think I could manage.  You see his job is to "strip" the rooms - sorry ladies about that one.  Yup he is actually quite a help.  For our guests, he really is more than just "Mr.  Entertainment".  His job is to stip the room after everyone leaves, so all I have to do is clean and re-set them (I use the term work "all" loosley).  We are a true team when it come to the upkeep and maintaince of Oakridge Manor.  The gardens, grass and fields take both of us to manintain and keep looking good for all the great folks we have coming to visit.  Never a day goes by that there isn't something to do.  The best part is that we are always thinking of new ideas to enchance the look of Oakridge to make your stay more enjoyable. I think if you would ask any innkeeper they would all agree that the fun of innkeeping is in meeting new people and seeing the wonder and joy as they enjoy a new experience each and every time they spend an  "Exception Way to Stay" at a Illinois Bed and Breakfast.  Check out our website at or the Illinois website at  Our new state website give you a look at the best of the best places in the state to visit.  You will not only find the best inspected Bed and Breakfasts to visit but also information on trails and historic places to visit along the way.  Until next time, Anna

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